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The Austrian writer, journalist and satirist Karl Kraus once said: “One’s need for loneliness is not satisfied if one sits at a table alone. There must be empty chairs as well”. I quite agree. Chairs that can be seen without an occupant are very conducive to wallowing in the joys of chosen solitude.

A good chair, rather like a fine wine, is there to be admired, fondly rubbed, privately glanced over and gently angled so as to put its best leg forward. Friends, family and the tax man can partake of its comforts every now and then, but one of course has a whole load of other chairs for mere sitting in. That special chair, in all its glory, is a work of art, a sculpture and something to be visually tasted.

It’s with this in mind that I leave you for tonight with the following pictures of chairs. No ordinary chairs, but ones that capture the imagination and ignite the wandering mind to the possibilities of what ifs and where tos. Form, beautiful form mixed with the vital function that a chair provides.

brace-chair-by-irish-designersbump-chair-in-beautiful-colorscircular-round-bowl-chairsmartian-chairsplayer-chair-by-irish-designerssection-chair-looks-like-sliced-fruitslide-easy-chair-very-cool-and-modernwave-chairThese examples come from the  designers at Tierney Haines Architects based in Dublin, Ireland.

Would you wait for Godot in any of these chairs? Which is your favourite?