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Laundry hampers are usually mundane looking items placed in the corner of a bathroom, bedroom or utility room, out of the way from view. However, this elephant shaped rattan hamper for kid’s dirty laundry is both perfectly functional and a great decorative addition for a child’s bedroom. It’s eye-catching and fun, which will provide a fine aesthetic and thematic appeal to a particular kid’s décor scheme or general environment.

The wicker laundry hamper is hand-woven and comes in 3 different sizes as well as 3 different colors. The sizes include small, medium and large whilst the tones include brown, light brown, and white. A laundry hamper like this one, with such a distinctive design, can be situated in any room in the home and can even be used to store items not related to dirty clothing, towels and linen, such as toys for example.

Elephants are distinctive creatures and lend themselves well to art, design and décor. Many kid’s rooms with nature, savannah or jungle themes feature elephants and related animals. Numerous children’s characters in books and on TV are elephants and this means the unique appearance of elephant themed home accessories is a welcome addition for young children of all ages. The trunk, tusks and ears, all made from rattan, are delightful to look at and will be appreciated by all who come across this fun laundry basket. In that regard it can also be placed in a guest room.

You can buy it from here: Rattan Elephant Hamper.

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