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Shower caddies are usually designed in rather industrial looking metal or plastic forms. This elegant natural bamboo shower caddy as seen below is a more aesthetically pleasing variation which will add a touch of nature to your bathroom. Natural bamboo accents soften the main metal framework of the caddy whilst at the same time providing strong and long-lasting secure holders for shower-related items.

The shower caddy has a hook at the top for hanging around a shower nozzle holder or similar permanent fixture. Special strong suction cups on the back mean the caddy will not sway when a person attempts to pick something from inside one of the bamboo trays. This is especially handy, as is so often the case, when eyes are bleary from steam or water and you want to know exactly where the soap or conditioner is.

At the base of the bamboo shower caddy is a bar on which small towels and perhaps hooked shampoo bottles can be hung. Bamboo is extremely versatile and strong therefore making it an ideal material for storage and shelving. It’s also extremely fast growing, being able to grow 60 cm in just one day. This makes it a wonderfully eco-friendly natural material which is highly popular both for its strength and beauty.

You can buy this caddy from this location: Bamboo Shower Caddy.

Price: $26.99