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The game of chess is one of the most well known table games on the planet. This elegant Heritage game table is a beautifully crafted furniture piece that will make playing this centuries old game all the more enjoyable and comfortable. It was around the 15th century that chess first made its appearance in Europe after evolving from a much older Indian game by the name of Shatranj. Backgammon is even older and has been around for the last 5,000 years.

This wooden games table comes with a reversible chess and backgammon board which can be overturned depending on which game is intended to be played. Two drawers beneath the table top offer safe storage for game pieces and various related accessories. Included with the Heritage game table are game pieces for four different board games. These are chess, backgammon, checkers and cribbage, making this elegant and masterfully crafted table a multi-dimensional furniture feature for any interior space.

The game table is crafted from highly selected solid woods and choice veneers. Hand carved details provide attractive and sophisticated decorative elements to the piece which compliments the centuries old traditions that are inherent to these very old board games. Antique brass finished hardware adds an extra touch of genteelness and splendor to the scene. Wonderfully shaped table legs with curving courtliness make this chess and backgammon set not just a fully functional board game table but a desirable and attractive furniture piece in its own right.

You can buy this games table which can easily become a heirloom for future generations from this location: Elegant Heritage Game Table With Reversible Chess and Backgammon Board.

Dimension: 39″W x 28″D x 30″H