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The elegant bookcase shelving unit, as seen below, is a perfect furniture piece for stylish interiors which might include a living room, home library or study area. Consisting of five tiers, the black ebony bookshelf is structured rather like a pyramid with longer shelves at the bottom and shorter shelves at the top. The free-standing and open-backed bookcase feature allows for placement in a great range of locations, whether against a wall or in the center of a room.

It’s not just books that can find a home on this elegant ebony bookcase. One can place all sorts of items on the shelves, including decorative objects, plants, photographs, candles and even folded clothing depending on where the 5 tiered shelving unit is placed. The openness of the bookshelf means it can be situated in any number of positions including behind a sofa, at the end of a bed, as a room divider or alternatively in a regular location against a dining room or hallway wall.

The beautiful style of the bookshelf unit hints at the delightful period pieces of yesteryear, with the exquisite and graceful columns that adorn each of the four corners, on each of the individual tiers. If you have matching furniture in a room already in a similar style to these, then this 5 tiered black ebony bookshelf in a decidedly pyramid format will make an excellent addition to that interior.

You can buy this piece here: 5 Tiered Ebony Bookshelf.

Price: $620