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An electric candle warmer is an appliance that completely does away with the need for a flame. In the majority of cases, the electric warmer is used in conjunction with scented candles to create an aroma in much the same way as a regular scented candle. Electricity is used to heat and thereby melt the wax resulting in scent being released. One might well ask, what is the point? Well, there are a few possible benefits.

The main benefit of an electric candle warmer is safety. A person can leave the room or entire house for a few hours with the electric candle switched on, without the need to be concerned with any fire hazards. It cannot be knocked over nor can it accidentally topple over and cause a fire. This is a particularly comforting flame candle replacement to have if there are small kids in the house.

electric-candle-warmer-definitionA second benefit comes with the ease of use. Electric candle warmers come with a button that just needs to be switched on or off when needed. This saves on the cost of matches and also the risk of getting burnt as can be the case with regular flame candles.

Scent and aroma wise, the electric candle warmer out performs the flame version in almost every regard, apart from visual beauty. The scent is more pure and crisper and on top of that there is no sooty residue to the smell. This is evident when the candle warmer is switched off. With a normal candle, the smoke can as good as destroy the previous aromatic effect.

With the electric candle warmer, the entire contents of the container are used. This differs from a flame candle in that the latter often wastes a lot of the wax as it drips away. The electric warmer is also more time effective, burning through the wax at a much slower pace than a regular version.

An electric candle warmer is also better for ones health, especially for people who suffer from asthma. The reason for this is due to the lack of airborne by-products resulting from candle smoke and soot found in flame candles. Increasing numbers of aromatherapy clinics are using electric candle warmers for this precise reason.

Many warmers also come with an in-built fan which spreads the scent around the room. These are always very quiet and so go unnoticed.

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