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An Eiffel Tower lamp might sound at first like a cheap and tacky souvenir you find in gift shops across the world. You probably image a table lamp structured like the iconic tower made out of cheap plastics or metals. However, that’s not at all the case with this delightful Eiffel Tower lamp with a photographic shade as seen in the image below.

eiffel-tower-lampThe photographic image of the tower has been imprinted onto translucent film which allows light to shine through to the interior where the table lamp is located. Velour and lace are used to frame the four sided lamp shade which also help to soften the natural rigidity of the structure. The whole thing is mounted atop of silver base which has been created in a simple and contemporary style. As one might gather, the focus is solely on the image of the Eiffel Tower rather than anything else.

If you are a Francophile or know anyone who is, then this Eiffel Tower lamp will make a perfect addition to any room. Anyone who has visited Paris will know how beautiful the city is, especially at night time. I’ve stayed there for a number of weeks and remember fondly the smells, sounds and sights of this old and vibrant European capital. Romance is never far away and lovers of all ages are seen across the city, holding hands, kissing by the River Seine and ascending the famous Tour Eiffel.

eiffel-tower-lampsWhen lit, this photographic lamp will fill the interior with a warm and cheerful image of a part of Paris that will remind you of happy moments or of a city you plan to one day visit.

This type of lamp will be suitable for most rooms and décor schemes. The living room or dining room are the most obvious, where it can be seen most and enjoyed where you and your family/friends gather most in the evenings. A bedroom will also be given a romantic lift with this Eiffel Tower scene especially if you are looking to kindle a certain romance filled ambiance.

You can buy this lamp from the following location: Eiffel Tower Lamp With Photographic Shade