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The authentic Egyptian camel saddle seat that you see in the picture below is a great furniture alternative to the usual stools and chairs one can find on the market. Made by Egyptian artisans based in Cairo, the camel saddle seat is based on the traditional camel saddles used by Bedouins in the Sinai desert region that borders North Africa and the Middle East. If you’re looking for African or more specifically Egyptian style furniture, this camel saddle seat stool is well worth a second look.

egyptian-camel-saddle-seat-leatherCamels have long played an important part in the culture and livelihood of the nomads in Egypt, the Sudan and far across the Saharan region. Over recent decades, traditional and authentic camel saddles have been modified for use as domestic stools, tables and chairs. The Egyptian camel saddle seat as shown here is an example of this craft and is indeed for sale to the wider world. This and many more are made by two artisan families who specialise in this unique and beautiful furniture creation.

The camel saddle is made from rawhide and Sarsoa wood which is better known as a type of Rosewood which is grown only in the south of Egypt and the north of Sudan. The beautiful leather comes from the sheep in the Delta region of Egypt. It’s fascinating to read about how the two families who make these authentic camel saddle seats and stools work together. They’ve been passing this knowledge down from generation to generation for over 70 years, spanning three generations.

This Egyptian camel saddle seat made from leather will make a lovely addition to a variety of interiors. If you are an admirer of foreign cultures and love to collect furniture with a wonderful tradition and history behind them, then one of these saddle seats will make an excellent feature for a living room or bedroom. It can be used in a number of ways, including as a decorative ornament, a seat, a stool or a small accent table.

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From the link above you can also read more about how the two families combine their skills to come up with these amazing seats.