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If you’re wanting to add some modern art to your bathroom interior, you might like to think about making your own toilet roll tube gargoyle sculptures. French artist Junior Fritz Jacquet has done precisely that and three of his impressive creations can be seen below. The self-described ‘creator and sculptor in paper’ mounts these toilet roll tube faces onto steel stands where they are snapped up by an eager art buying public.

toilet-roll-tube-sculptures-facesThe Parisian artist was first inspired to make these toilet roll gargoyles after sitting in school origami classes as a child. Card, in his eyes, has endless potential as a creative medium and he has now made over 40 unique toilet roll tube faces. He cites his inspiration in the art world as being from, amongst others, Swiss surrealist sculptor Giacometti and Senegalese artist Ousmane Sow, who worked in bronze and clay respectively.

jackquet-toilet-roll-gargoyle-sculpturesIt’s not just toilet roll tube gargoyles that Junior Fritz Jacquet makes but also card figurines and illuminated paper sculptures. He says of paper: “Paper is surprising in its fragility but also complex in its texture, elasticity, capacity to absorb light and its memory of being folded or crumpled. … I treat paper like a living material. It has a memory in that it holds or forgets folds or the pressure of a finger.”

These toilet roll tube faces sell at 60 euros each.

H/T: Daily Mail UK