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Simple black nightstands are ideal furniture pieces for a variety of children’s bedroom sizes and designs. Whether the room is large or small, modern or traditional, one can rarely go wrong with a nice black nightstand like the one in the picture below. Placed next to a platform bed or just about any kind of kid’s bed you may have, this item will act as both a storage area and a handy bedside table for the placement of cups, lamps and trinkets.

It’s interesting to note that the nightstand harks back to the days before indoor flushing toilets were commonplace. The primary function of the stand was as a storage area for the chamber pot. Nowadays, the nightstand acts as a general table and drawer space for bedside accessories. Some have drawers, whilst others are crafted with open shelving like this particular easy-to-assemble black nightstand for children made from engineered-wood products.

Whatever items you or your child desire to keep close during the sleeping hours can be placed within or on top of this nightstand which is covered with a pure black finish. These might include a lamp, a couple of books, a comic, an alarm clock, a glass of water and stuffed toys. The open shelving space forgoes the need for drawers which can be tricky to open for little children.

You can buy this child’s nightstand from the following location: Pure Black Nightstand For Children.

Price: $34.99

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