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Are you looking for an easy to assemble bookcase which is made from environmentally friendly materials and also looks aesthetically pleasing? If so, you may well like this bamboo bookcase crafted from sustainable Chinese Moso bamboo. The bookcase is sleek, unique and stylish as well as being highly convenient for flat-pack storage and transport should you be a nomadic urban dweller.

The Legaré sustainable bamboo bookcase takes literally under two minutes to put together and does not require any tools to achieve this assembly. A video on the product page which is linked to below shows a young woman setting up the bookcase with ease. It can also be disassembled just as quickly. The four shelves are adjustable to varying heights. The carbonized amber finish gives the bamboo bookshelf a protective coating as well as a warm glow.

Moso bamboo, from which this curvilinear designed bookcase is made, is one of the main species of bamboo in China. There they call it ‘Mao Zhu’ which translates to ‘hairy bamboo’. Due to bamboo being the fastest growing plant in the world, together with careful conservation, this material is one of the most eco-friendly woods on the planet and is also used for soil and water conservation in large parts of the East. An example of its strength is the use of Moso bamboo as scaffolding to reach the top of 40-storey skyscrapers.

This easy to assemble bamboo bookcase is ideal for just about anyone. Young nomadic students and start-up businesses will benefit most from this attractive and highly functional bookcase as will the disabled who will find it an extremely easy furniture piece to put together. The beauty of the natural bamboo wood and the curvilinear design will allow the bookcase to merge with most existing interior decor schemes and settings. It’s modular, portable, good looking and strong.

You can buy this bookcase from here: Legare 59-Inch by 31-Inch Bookcase.

Price: $319