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This set of 3 kitchen food canisters has a certain aspect that sets them apart from any other. Each canister comes with its own magnetic spoon which does away with the need to find a clean spoon for each individual container. The 3 magnetic spoons attach to the side of the canisters inside a specially designed spoon-shaped indentation. The attractive spoons add to the beautiful decorative quality of the earth-toned triple food storage canister set.

I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be to have to find clean spoons for three different food stuffs. Leaving them in the containers themselves can make the sugar or whatever else becomes cloggy and leaving them on the counter surfaces nearby is rather unhygienic. It’s not always advisable to use one spoon for all three food stuffs either and so, in this regard, three magnetic spoons which attach to the outside of the canisters is perfect.

The three food storage canisters differ in size from one another and are ideal for food stuffs ranging from sugar, coffee, nuts and grains to dried pasta, candies, cookies and teabags. The attractive earthy colors and tones will compliment many a kitchen décor scheme. Each comes to a tight-screwing lid so as the food within is kept fresh, dry and ready to use at a moment’s notice. The lids are also see-through so you don’t mistake what’s inside for something else when in a hurry. All in all, the canisters with their magnetic spoons are highly functional and beautiful in form.

You can buy the set from here: 3 Kitchen Food Canisters with Magnetic Spoons.

Made in ceramic.