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Despite what the name suggests, drop leaf tables are not made from leaves or designed in their likeness. Instead, the drop leaf table is a furniture piece consisting of at least one table top leaf with hinges that is able to be folded and dropped down parallel to the table legs. The design varies somewhat from piece to piece but generally a table can either have a fold down leaf that comprises half the table top or merely one edge or multiple edges.

Drop leaf tables are usually found in the dining room setting and many dining tables in stores and online can be found in this fashion. Side and accent tables can also be made from this design. Wood is a primary material for such furniture but drop leaf tables can also be found in metal and even glass.

It’s believed drop leaf tables were first created in 16th century England. As many furniture items during that period, these tables were made from solid oak which is one of the most glorious types of wood available. Some of these designs incorporated intricate decorations and carvings which can still be seen in various museum pieces and books.

Modern drop leaf tables are a lot simpler and ideal for everyday home use. This is especially true if your home is on the small side or short of space. When not in use as a dining table, the drop leaf can be folded away and moved against a wall where it can become an accent furniture piece, perhaps sporting a vase of flowers or decorative cloth. Another excellent place to move a folded down narrower leaf table is behind the sofa in the living room.

If you have regular guests and friends to dinner, a drop leaf table provides a quick and highly functional table area which can be increased or reduced in size according to the number of people. Depending on the design, the table can also be moved and situated next to an existing table thereby increasing further the dining surface.

Another great use for a drop leaf table is as a games table for such actives as chess, cards, scrabble or monopoly. When the games have finished, the table can be folded away and used as a lamp stand or television table in a basement for example.

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