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Artists who are lucky enough to live by the sea or ocean will likely enjoy walking along the coastline hoping to come across a large piece of driftwood with which to sculpt. This driftwood orb chandelier is likely the creation of someone who suddenly saw the marvellous potential in these washed-up objects. Instead of the usual sculptures that adorn shelves and table tops, the found-wood has been turned into a stunning chandelier which will lighten up any interior space.

The orb chandelier is constructed from a wrought iron framework on which driftwood pieces have then been attached. Wired to the iron frames, the wood has been individually selected so as to make the ceiling light fixture as pleasing to the eye as possible. Owing to the nature of the work, no two orbs are the same and thus you will have a unique nature-inspired feature for the ceiling in your living room, dining room, or hallway. The driftwood is left in its natural state thereby giving it an even more natural appearance which will compliment a wide array of existing interior décor schemes.

Good looking wooden home accessories have long been a favourite of mine and this is because there are few more beautiful decorative qualities than that of natural wood grain. Wooden toys, furniture, mirror frames, structural beams, doors, and even floors are still popular features to most homes in one form or another and that’s because of their natural grace and charm. This wooden driftwood orb chandelier is no different and when combined with light bulbs will contribute a stunning effect to a room when evening arrives. The shadows cast onto surrounding walls and the ceiling will be a joy to behold.

You can buy it from here: Driftwood Orb Chandelier.

Measurements: 15″rd x 21″h.