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If you are seeking some attractive hand woven baskets for the home, then you might consider these water hyacinth baskets as shown in the image below. The three baskets, which come together, are made from dried water hyacinth which is an aquatic plant originally from the Amazon basin. From there it spread across the globe and is now found in regions of a tropical and subtropical climate.

water-hyacinth-basketsIn fact, it has become a pest plant in many parts of the world including the southern United States. The problem it causes is that it clogs up waterways which can lead to a dam effect and the destruction of natural wildlife including animals and other plants. However, creative individuals and organisations have come up with a solution which certainly benefits the modern home interior environment.

As well as being a material in fibre board, yarns, ropes and charcoal briquetting, the dried water hyacinth material has been used to make wonderful woven storage baskets. These particular water hyacinth strands come from South East Asia and are individually made.

The expert crafters insist that the key to a great water hyacinth basket is for the crafter to have made sure the stalks are properly dried before being woven. These baskets have been through a vigorous process of drying to make sure they do not contain any moisture and therefore prevent any rotting of the material. Similar water hyacinth baskets like these are also made in India, where the stalks are also made into matting for the domestic home.

This set of three dried water hyacinth baskets are complimented with natural bamboo handles which add a contrasting appeal. If you are looking for some woven baskets to place in the living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom then these will be ideal. They’ll be able to store fruit and vegetables, bedding, games and various other bits and pieces.

You can buy these baskets from the following location: Set of 3 Water Hyacinth Nested Storage Baskets

Price: $120