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Ovid, the great Roman poet once wrote, “The sharp thorn often produces delicate roses”. I was reminded of this line when I came across these beautiful dried flowers inside classic glass bulbs. The delicate nature of both the flowers and the thin circular casing of the bulb only highlight the resplendence of the creation. With Christmas fast approaching, they are a pertinent gift idea for family and friends which will add a refined and tender decoration feature for a variety of interiors.

tallow-berry-in-a-glass-bulbThe flowers in a glass bulb are the creation of Land-Rich, which is a shop based out of Brooklyn in New York. Their ethos is to provide items of beauty that symbolize the quality, simplicity and sustainability of previous centuries. The glass bulb flower creations are all individually handmade and can be purchased directly from the Land-Rich website. There are four different types of flower bulbs which contain a single species of plant in each. These include Yarrow, Moss, Salal and Tallow.

If you want to bring in some understated delicateness and nature to your interior space, then these glass bulbs with flowers and leaves inside will be of interest. You can view the entire range on the website Land-Rich which is the brainchild of Gina Liberto and her partner.

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