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If you are a fan of ‘9 by Design’ the hit show on the Bravo TV channel, then you will like this interior decor book by the stars of the program. Robert and Cortney Novogratz, the authors of ‘Downtown Chic: Designing Your Dream Home From Wreck to Ravishing’ see their signature style as a bohemian mix of high and low culture together with varying degrees of classic and modern. However, all have a key sophistication which lends a warm and original design to an interior.

The Novogratz duo have been designing and decorating homes for over a decade and their unique style has found wide and positive acclaim. This book is the result of years of experience as the pair present a guide on how to create elegant and beautiful interiors from scratch. Part of the book is comprised of practical guides whilst the rest is filled with inspirational images, tips and humorous anecdotes about their past experiences in home decor.

For anyone who loves to find bargains in flea-markets, garage sales or boutiques, the book gives advice on what to look for and how to use what one finds in the room design scheme. You’ll also want to add your own distinct personality to your interior decor and again, ‘Downtown Chic’ goes into this. You’ll also discover the best ways to update old furniture and how to appeal to children when decorating their bedroom or playroom.

The book features ten projects which cover a variety of different interiors ranging from a New York City town-house to a beach home in the South American country of Brazil. The very popular ‘before and after’ pictures show the reader what the room looked like before and what it looks like afterwards when the intended design has been achieved. It’s often hard to believe how such an unpleasant little space can become a stunning and light-filled sanctuary. For inspiration and practical guidance, this book is very much recommended.