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If you have a large room in your home, it can be wise to break it into sections to reduce the empty feeling that might arise. A divider like the double cross folding Shoji screen pictured below provides an easy to move and adjustable solution.

A shoji is a traditional Japanese door, window or room divider composed of a light wooden structure and translucent paper covering, known as a washi. Most were designed to slide sideways but many are also folding.

folding-shoji-screens-from-japanThis double cross folding shoji screen will be an ideal addition to a room which receives a lot of light, preferably natural. When light shines upon the thick white rice paper the resulting glow will be reminiscent of a tropical sunrise with the silhouette of bamboo trees.

For obvious reasons, this screen will be most suited to an eastern themed room, whether a bedroom, study or living room. However, it will also fit nicely in a modern, almost minimalist style interior which in a way mimics the traditional tea rooms of Japan a century ago.

If you know a scholar of Eastern history and philosophy, indeed, like my very own father, then this double cross shoji screen will be a wonderful gift to surprise them with.

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