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Looking for easy-to-use wall decals that display a decidedly dotty theme? If so, you will like this dot shaped removable wall decal available in a wide range of different colors. Wall stickers are fun ways to add color, vibrancy and themes to any room in the home and have the added benefit of being easy to remove and re-apply in a different location. The various different sizes bring an extra dimension of creativity to the wall.

The Dottilicious multi-colored wall decals are ideal for a contemporary living room, funky dining area, children’s bedroom or a bathroom that needs an injection of color and excitement. Affix the different sized dots in whatever arrangement you so desire and if you get tired a few weeks later, you can start over and create a new pattern. This is because of the easy to remove self-adhesive vinyl which the Dottilicious dot decals are made from.

There are a multitude of colors in each pack. Eighty to be exact and this allows a broad scope of decorative possibilities when it comes to adding a wall based decorative spark to an interior. One smaller dot can even be placed on a larger dot so as to bring about a direct contrast in colors and shapes, as one can see in the image above. Don’t worry; they won’t even damage the walls to which they are attached.

You can buy these dot shaped wall decals here: Dot Themed Removable Wall.

Price: $54