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Sometimes home accessories have a deeper meaning to them than you originally realise. One good example of this is the Dishy Vase by British designer James Malcolm-Green. It’s a statement piece and doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

Each tier to the ‘pile of crockery’ vase is a representation of the years the UK Department Store Liberty has been in business. The base (plates) symbolises the birth of Liberty in the 1870s with the War World 2 rationing period constructed with soup bowls. The most recent decade at the top the minimalist phases is shown as a simple modernist dish. There are 14 vessels in total for each of the decades.

The witty take on the traditional ceramics industry is typical of a lot of mainstream British designers. Whilst being a statement piece it is also wonderfully useable. A removable glass inner vase runs down the hallowed centre providing ease with which to change and water the flowers placed inside.

In September 2008, the Dishy Vase went on display at Liberty London as part of the London Design Festival.