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Are you looking for a digital light switch timer that will control your home’s lighting whilst on vacation? Perhaps you want a wall switch timer to gradually and automatically increase ambient lighting levels during the evening. A digital programmable timer for your interior lighting can save both energy, time and even boost security. In fact, the digital light switch timer in the picture below can also be used in connection with outdoor lights.

light-switch-timerOne of the most vulnerable times for your residence is when you go on holiday for a week or more. If you cannot afford to install expensive security systems and defences, this can be a worrying time. There is however a way to warn burglars and vandals off and that is by creating an illusion that the house is occupied. It’s as simple as having lights on in certain rooms and being turned off every now and then.

My neighbors are Harley Davidson fanatics and go on bike tours seemingly ever month. It’s often the case that I am never quite sure whether they are at home or not after dark and that’s because they have a digital light switch timer system similar to the one above. You can imagine that if I am confused, an intruder certainly will be.

It’s not just for security reasons that a wall switch timer can benefit the household. Programming the lights to come on at certain times of the evening can become part of an interior design scheme. For example, you can have a bulb gradually increase in intensity to counteract the increasing darkness outside. You will not have to worry about getting up and turning on the wall switch when the room becomes too dark for you to work.

I remember when I was a little child, I was terrified of the dark. My parents often allowed me to sleep with the landing light on or a faint table lamp. If you have kids in a similar position, a digital light switch timer will be perfect. This is because you can control when the light can be turned off when your son or daughter is bound to be asleep.

You can read more about this digital programmable timer and purchasing details at the following location: Digital Light Switch Timer With Multiple Daily Settings.

By the way, it can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of electrical circuits including fans, pumps and home office machines.