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Why heat the floor when you can heat just the interior air? That’s the premise behind this modern digital ceramic oscillating pedestal heater by Lasko. Wonderfully energy efficient, the pedestal heater allows money to be saved by directing heat into a single room rather than the whole house. The vertical structure means heat loss via the floor is kept to a minimum and also heating is pointed towards the general interior of the space in which it is located.

A remote control and digital operating means the ceramic pedestal tower heater is extremely easy to use and highly functional when it comes to directing heat to certain parts of a bedroom or living room. The ceramic element allows for heat to be felt quickly and safely without the need to wait until the system ‘warms up’. An electronic control panel provides the user with a simple selection of options including temperature and oscillation, the latter of which, if turned on and desired, brings an equal distribution of heat to the whole interior rather than a focused area.

The lasko digital ceramic pedestal heater comes with added elements such as automatic overheat protection and a handle for easy transportation from one room to the next, as required. It’s also an attractive feature which will not detract from the general ambiance of an interior design scheme. Built to last and created to bring warmth and comfort to any household, the oscillating heater with remote control will benefit any room during the long and cold winter months.

You can buy this tower heater from here: Lasko Digital Ceramic Oscillating Pedestal Heater with Remote Control.

Price: $59.13