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Charles Dickens inspired figurines and statues are a particular favorite of mine. This snowball fight figurine showing a Victorian era boy and girl joyfully snowball fighting in the snow beside an old-fashioned London gas street lamp is just such an example of what I mean. They offer a 19th century view of cobblestone streets and young innocence in what was a pretty grim era.

For anyone who has grown up with the magical tales of Dickens such as ‘A Christmas Carol’ or ‘The Adventures of Oliver Twist’, and happily studied his works of great fiction like ‘Great Expectations’ and ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, then Dickensian art and sculpture will be highly appealing.

The snowball fun figures are part of a larger collection known as the Dickens’ Village SeriesĀ®. This began in 1984 and consists of a variety of hand-painted porcelain pieces which portray the world of Dickens’ novels. If you are an Anglophile looking for some romantic imagery of an old England, then these decorative figurines will make a great addition to your shelf or table especially during the Christmas period.