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Designing a princess themed bedroom may sound complicated at first but is actually very simple. With some basic planning and thoughtful application, your little girl’s bedroom can be transformed into a magical fairy-tale kingdom full of sights and wonders a small princess will cherish for a life time. Below, I’ve set out some basic considerations to keep in mind when decorating a princess themed bedroom which will help you in your design process.

The first color that makes itself readily available when we think of princess theme bedrooms is pink. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case for there are a variety of other suitable colors including purple, maroon, green and blue. As long as a main color is used in combination with the items that are placed within the interior, it doesn’t really matter what color you make primary. That said, if your little girl has a preference then this should be the color to go for.

One should aim for a soft ambiance when it comes to color without harsh combinations that will make the room imposing and uncomfortable. This can be achieved, for example, by painting the upper part of the walls in a soft pink whilst applying a white bead-board wainscoting to the lower half. The effect will be to minimise the amount of one color thereby reducing the chances of making an interior to heavy or dark.
In order to break up large swatches of painted wall a number of accessories can be added. These will also bring interest, interaction and imagination to the room and your little girl. Pictures are a great way to add extra thematic decor to a princess themed bedroom and there are literally thousands of princess posters and art works on the market ranging from Disney to the more classical images of old. Then there are castle scenes which can be found in the form of stencils and wall stickies.

Mirrors can also be found in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. Little girl’s love mirrors where they can see the results of their dressing up for the school play or with their friends. A full-length mirror perhaps with a pink or floral border will compliment a princess themed bedroom whilst also bringing a sense of added space and light.

Light fixtures must be one of the main considerations when designing a princess themed bedroom. A princess cannot be seen at home without a glorious crystal chandelier. Don’t worry, you can find scaled down replicas (both in price and size) especially for children which will fit most sizes of ceiling space.
One of the areas of the bedroom often left until last and therefore under budgeted is the bedside table area. This is one of the most important areas of a little girl’s bedroom interior because it’s where the bedtime reading takes place as well as the first place she will see when she awakens. The bedside table can be a simple piece of furniture painted pink or whatever color you think suitable. There are many little girl’s table lamps which I have written about before on this blog which will go perfectly with a princess themed bedroom.

Another accessory to consider is bedding. A bed will be the main focal point of your child’s room and it can be used to highlight the princess theme even more. If you keep the walls a simple white or light pink, then the bedding is the place to really inject some color if needs be. Like with the lamps and art work, there are many princess themed bedding accessories to chose from online.

When designing your little girl’s princess bedroom it is always wise to consult your child about what she wants. Ask her about the colors she likes best, where she might want her bed positioned and also what images she associates with princesses and castles. Bringing your child into the decorating process will minimise any later rejections and also make her feel her bedroom is truly hers and is in line with her personality.