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Sunflowers are one of the most striking and enlivening flowers in existence. Their large and bright yellow heads are hard to miss when driving past sunflower fields and many gardeners love to grow sunflowers in their gardens for their natural beauty. However, it can sometimes be difficult to grow good sunflowers in certain climates and locations which is where faux sunflowers come into the picture like this golden sunflower arrangement.

The fake sunflower arrangement as seen above is actually made from man-made materials and but marvellously echoes the majesty and feel that real sunflowers possess. The sunflowers also come with a glass bowl together with faux-water to complete the look. It’s quite literally a set-it-up-and-leave-it flower arrangement apart from the odd dust and clean every now and then.

It’s always a delight to have colourful flowers inside the home. They can brighten up and enhance any décor arrangement and generally raise the mood of the scenery. However, real flowers, unless you have a big flower-filled garden can be expensive to keep buying and don’t generally last very long. That’s why faux-flowers and in particular bright and cheerful sunflowers are perfect for placement on table tops, shelves, cabinets and wherever else you need an injection of color.

You can buy this arrangement here: Faux Sunflower Arrangement.

Price: $60