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Afghan rugs are similar in many ways to the more well known Persian rug. The two countries do after all share a border with one another. The two beautifully deep red Afghan rugs I will showcase in this post are part of the Kashimar collection of traditionally designed Afghan rugs that have been made in and around Afghanistan for many centuries. What differentiates the Afghan rug from the Persian style is the pattern-work and also in some cases, the theme of the rug design.

deep-red-afghan-rugs-traditionalMost commonly, Afghan rugs are made in the Bukhara print, also known as the octagonal elephant’s foot which usually comes in a deep red or tan coloring, like in the rug images shown in this very post. By the way, Bukhara is in fact a city in Uzbekistan and not in Afghanistan but an Afghan rug does not necessarily have to come from Afghanistan itself. Many surrounding nations have adopted the style and ways of Afghan rug making.

These two Afghan rugs are in fact available to purchase online. The first picture shows the Kashimar Afghan Rug whilst the second shows the more geometric Gem Multi Border Afghan Rug. Both of these deep red rugs will make attractive and sophisticated decorative additions to a variety of rooms in the home. They can be used in a number of ways including as wall hangings and floor rugs.

If you have a traditional setting which will compliment these deep red Afghan rugs, especially with matching Middle Eastern furniture, then these will definitely make an interesting purchase. One thing is for sure, the craftsmanship that goes into these intricate and impressive Afghan rugs is of a very high quality. You can read more about both Afghan rugs as well as see larger pictures of them via the two links noted above.