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Hang onto the memories of special moments with this delightful wine bottle cork cage. When we enjoy a great bottle of wine, there is often a celebration or family occasion to remember. There are more ways than taking photographs to keep these magic times in one’s memory and this can be achieved by keeping mementos in the form of discarded wine corks. What better place to keep these together than in a specially made metal cage with decorative glass beads.

On the side of the metal bottle cork cage is an artistic label with the word “Corks” on the front. Directly opposite on the other side there is a decorative grape label highlighting the origins of the wines enjoyed. As well as storing memories of special moments, the various corks will also be reminders of wonderful wines that were savoured over the year or even decades. Glass marble-like accents adorn the sides of the cork cage and are held in place with wonderfully intricate spirals of wire.

Place it on a mantel in the living room or alternatively on a shelf or table in the kitchen, home bar or dining room, from where fond memories will never be far from the eyes. The corks are simply dropped through the top of the bottle and become a decorative element which makes up part of the cork cage. In certain lights, the glass beads with shine and reflect light thus adding further beauty to the decorative wine sculpture. Visiting wine-lovers will want to know from where you got this beautiful piece.

You can buy it from here: WINE BOTTLE CORK CAGE.

Price: 24.90