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This expressive white Koi fish vase portrays the exotic fish leaping into the air to catch an invisible morsel of food. For anyone who loves Koi fish and is seeking a fish themed decorative ornament, then this Koi vase will make a perfect addition to the home interior. It’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing and interesting. The detailing of the scales, fins and gills completes the charm of the piece.

Koi fish are basically pretty versions of the common carp and are used for ornamental purposes in people’s ponds and water gardens. The Japanese carp were first domesticated in East Asia and then spread around the world including Europe, where the Romans were known to be keen admirers of the fish. Through the centuries, the carp were bred in different ways and developed new colorings and markings. This is why there are so many varieties today.

The Koi fish are a hardy species and this is reflected somewhat in this gloss white glaze koi vase. Within it’s mouth one can place a variety of items including flowers, grasses, bamboo and faux-plants. One can even leave it empty and let the natural beauty of the fish form become a decorative accent piece in itself.

You can buy this vase from here: White Koi Fish Vase.

Price: $114