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If you’re seeking something original and unique for your interior walls you might like to consider this decorative wall candle and flower holder hand, as seen in the image below. What differentiates it from other wall fixtures is the human element to the design. The hand is in fact a white resin cast from the artist’s own hand. As a surprise element to a room, it certainly is successful.

Decorative-Wall-Candle-Flower-Holder-HandThere are two different uses intended with this decorative wall hand. One is as a wall candle holder, the other as a wall flower holder. Included in the package is an insert for each, depending on which you so desire. As you can see, the hand is very detailed, even showing the natural lines and wrinkles typical to the human manus.

I particularly like the candle holder element to this contemporary wall fixture. Imagine a darkened room with candles dotted about and perhaps a table lamp. On one wall is this hand holding a lit candle in its special insert holder. The walls flicker and the silhouette of the human hand dances across the walls. Think Wuthering Heights and the ghostly presence of a lost love or of the romantic tales from your youth.

Before I descend into poetry over such images, I will let you know where you can buy this wall hand sculpture. You can purchase it for $98 from the following location: Decorative Wall Candle and Flower Holder Hand

It will suit many types of interior, naturally those with white walls. Although I should think it is perfectly possible to paint the hand to merge in with a variety of different color schemes. A hallway space comes to mind as a great location, where visitors to the home will be able to sample a taste of your humor.