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One of the most beautiful but oft forgotten ways to add colourful light to an interior is through the use of decorative stained glass windows. A couple of aptly placed panels will completely transform a setting and make the room come alive with the particular design theme of the window. Whether it’s a window in the bathroom, living room, pantry or above the front door in the hallway, you can find styles in various shapes, sizes and subject matters.

Stained glass windows are probably most well-known due to their use in the old churches and cathedrals of Europe which can look quite spectacular to say the least. This practice first began around the 2nd or 3rd Century and reached the zenith of its popularity in the Middle Ages. Since then, many decorative items and glass panels on furniture items have also been decorated using the same glass staining technique.

Subjects and themes one can expect to find on a stained glass window panel are wide ranging. The most popular however include scenes of nature and Christian symbolism. Flowers, trees and animals are popular design themes in a whole host of décor products and decorated windows are no exception. Other popular subject matters include fantasy figures such as fairies, elves, unicorns and Santa Claus, which can be used for a window in a kid’s room. Still others are purely abstract.

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