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For thousands of years, skilled craftsmen in Egypt have been known for their excellent and beautifully decorated woodworking achievements. This is also seen in this delightful round mother-of-pearl inlay box made by artisans in the ancient land bordering the famous River Nile. Each decorative box is made individually and thus is unique in character and charm.

Egyptian craftsmen pass down their skills from generation to generation and the process means woodwork items are specific to the culture and style of the particular location. Egypt has a proud tradition of such creativity from thousands of years ago when ancient Pharaoh’s were buried with highly decorative amulets and full size boats. Furniture and jewelry boxes like this inlaid version, have been made in various styles and can be seen in palaces and museums around the world.

The round wooden decorative box comes with its own lid and is ideal for storing small trinkets and special items. Measuring eight inches in diameter, the round decorative box can be placed on a dressing table or bedroom shelf where it can add a North African and Middle Eastern flair to an interior. The wood with which the box is made is imported from parts of Eastern Europe whilst the mother of pearl comes from the Red Sea as well as parts of Asia.

You can buy this box from here: Egyptian Round Mother of Pearl Inlay Decorative Box.

Price: $80