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This tapestry pillow portraying part of a red stiletto heel is the perfect decorative accessory for an alpha-female. No man should mess with the lady who owns this pillow otherwise they’ll know what will hit them if they do. If the red shoe image doesn’t get through, the tasteful “STILETTO” letting will. A black border frames the fashion art-style cushion and gives it a tidy finish which compliments the rich colors within.

The term “stiletto heel” is often confused with the single word “stiletto”, which means a certain type of short knife or dagger. This weapon features a narrow shaped blade which ends in a rigid point. In fact, the very word comes from an Italian term meaning “a pointed instrument; a stake”. It’s not surprising therefore than the term came to be used in relation to the pointed heel of women’s footwear.

Stiletto heels are often connected to the world of fetish and the femme fatale. That said, they’re worn by women in all walks of life and are a popular body enhancing feature that increase height and add prominence to certain body parts via the change in posture and gait. This red stiletto heel pillow will be a great addition to a woman’s bedroom or living room who loves the cultural symbolisms attached to the iconic footwear piece.

You can buy this pillow here: Decorative Red Stiletto Heel Pillow Cushion.

Price: $33