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A highly decorative, shapely and expressive wall mirror is a great décor idea for interiors which need a final eye-catching feature to really complete their contemporary style. This amazing laser-cut wall mirror designed by Jaime Hayon, and which is part of his AQHayon series, is just such a product which you’ll find interesting and worthy of a second look. Elegance and sophistication are two words to sum up what this mirror will bring to a bathroom, bedroom or even a living room setting.

The AQHayon wall mirror is available in three different sizes as well as in either a black or white silkscreen version. For a small bathroom interior, the smallest option will be most suitable and will undoubtedly add extra light and spatial interest to the interior. For large bathrooms, the medium or large size selection will apply and the eye-catching feature will double and even triple the exciting decorative elements and fixtures you might already have in your designer bathroom.

Whatever the existing décor of your bathroom, bedroom or living room, the expressive laser-cut wall mirror by Jaime Hayon will compliment various styles, from darker color schemes to lighter and whiter settings. A further example of a possible setting for this mirror is above the head of the double bed in the master bedroom which will give the illusion of windows, doorways or wall art being present in locations they’d not normally be found. Perfect for lovers of surrealism and the abstract. There are tons of exciting décor possibilities with large mirrors like this one.

You can buy it from here: AQHayon Bathroom Wall Mirror by Jaime Hayon.

Prices vary depending on size.