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Egyptian hieroglyphs have been a popular design element for many decades through much of Western art and interior decor. This can also be seen with this beautiful hieroglyphic decorative pillow by talented textile designer John Robshaw. After travelling through Egypt and contemplating the historical significance of the surrounding region, he decided to make some kitsch pillows on the cultural themes that he had come across on his journey.

Hieroglyphs was a form of writing used by the ancient Egyptians that was highly logo-graphic in format. One of the most famous examples of hieroglyphs is the Rosetta Stone which can be seen in London’s British Museum. The large stone is a granodiorite stele engraved with an inscription recording a decree issued in the city of Memphis, Egypt in the year 196 BC. Due to the same text appearing in three different languages on the same object, the Rosetta Stone has been key to deciphering the meaning of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

This decorative light yellow hieroglyphic pillow with black signs will make a nice addition to a home where a love and appreciation of history and world cultures is present. Whether one understands the symbols or not, the pillow will bring a touch of the ancient world into a living room or bedroom and make an attractive element to a decor arrangement or sofa. For children, the visually appealing hieroglyphs pillow cushion will be a fun way of learning more about the past.

You can buy this pillow from here: Decorative Hieroglyphic Pillow Cushion.

Price: $90