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Light switch plates are not usually the most interesting of design concepts for the residential home interior. The majority are plain, white and would certainly not win a diversity contest. That is until you meet these wonderfully eye-catching light switch designs by Aly Power. Unfortunately, I don’t think these kind of switches are sold to the North American market.

As anyone who is familiar with mainland European lighting fixtures, the light switches in most countries are square and broad as seen in the pictures. These lend themselves wonderfully well to photographic designs which can enliven an interior space with a little character. The printed designs come in a variety of themes which include animal patterns, graffiti, generic patterns and even corporate logos.

If you’re from Britain, then the light switch plates are somewhat different. These are worked around and suitable plates are provided in a further section just for UK buyers as well as information on where you can buy them in Britain.

A genuine Swarovski crystal range is also available to add that touch of quality for when you switch on and off the lights in your home. You can read more about the company as well as see a wide variety of designs on their website which can be found here: Aly Power.

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