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A decorative condom caddy is probably the last thing one would think of when it comes to bedroom kink but nevertheless it’s an important one. How often have you been caught by the moment and been tempted to ravish your loved one right there and then, only to be lost as to where you put the damned condoms!?! You scour the bedroom drawers and closets, hunt through hand bags and coats before realising the condoms are lost for good or until your mother comes and cleans the place next weekend.

condom-caddy-decorative-spermThat’s where a storage item such as this decorative condom caddy comes into play. When the moment arises for some passionate amore, there will be an exact place where you know the condoms will be stored. What better place than a caddy made especially for the job in the form of this decorative condom caddy made in Peru? Store your rubbers in this amusing decorative condom storage box and you’ll have an easily identifiable location for when your luck goes skywards.

The decorative condom caddy shown in the image is made from brown stoneware by artisans in Peru and is combined with platinum accents. These accents portray little swimming sperm and what look like Middle East style sabres or swords around the edges of the caddy. Inside on the underneath of the lid, there is an egg with wriggling sperm forming a circle around it. What more warning do you need if you find the caddy empty that carrying on could lead to more than you bargained for?

It’s a humorous piece that will add laughter to the bedroom and also provide a safe and dry condom storage item. Just remember to hide it somewhere if the mother-in-laws comes visiting.

You can buy this sexy condom caddy from the Jonathan Adler website: Decorative Condom Caddy.

Price: $55