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The first thing you’ll notice about this matching multi-colored Chinese Tea Set is the wonderfully arched teapot. Standing to attention rather like an overly exuberant soldier, the highly contemporary teapot with four matching cups is made from celadon ceramics. Along with a tray also in the same style, this decorative Asian tea set will be sure to set tongues wagging when visitors come for tea.

Celadon, from which all the items in this set at made, is a type glaze found on earthenware. Invented in the Zhejiang Province of Ancient China, the glaze which gives its name to the ceramics on which it is applied was in fact named by Europeans who became enamoured with the process and look. Quite what the exact etymology of the name is unknown. Celadon refers primarily to a highly transparent glaze with distinctive crackles, also known as ‘crazing’.

This type of ceramic glaze has been popular for many centuries and the Chinese invented process spread rapidly across East Asia and beyond. The first recorded Celadon ceramic found in Europe dates back to the early 13th Century. This modern Chinese Tea Set with a stylish and rather abstract shape is in a way a celebration of this ancient style of ceramic which has now been merged with contemporary design.

Placed on a table top or sideboard, this matching multi-colored Chinese tea set with tea pot, cups and tray will add an attractive, decorative and functional element to your interior. Whether you like to drink Chrysanthemum, Green, Oolong, Jasmine or Pu-erh tea, you’ll find this modern and artistic set an aesthetically pleasing feature of that most wonderful of moments, tea time.

You can buy this set from here: Modern Chinese Tea Set.

Price: $65.95