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This decorative and colorful cat pillow as seen in the image below immediately caught my eye when I happened to stumble upon it. Regular readers of Home Interior Design Themes will know that I am a keen cat admirer and regularly showcase decorative items with a decidedly feline theme. When the cat form merges with beautiful rich colors and iconic character, then the item involved is really too good not to deserve a mention on here.

The decorative cat pillow is the creation of renowned artist Laurel Burch who is well known for her designs portraying a wide array of pets and wild animals. Cats and dogs are her speciality and this can be seen in the pattern above. The natural inquisitiveness and often wide eyed wonder of the cat is caught perfectly in the faces of the creatures that adorn this aesthetically pleasing rectangular pillow.

If you’re a cat fan yourself or know of anyone else who is besotted by the sophisticated little creatures, then this colorful and tastefully decorated cat pillow will make an excellent new addition to an interior. It can be placed on a sofa, armchair or a bed, where the tones and hues will compliment existing décor as well as add a little character to what might otherwise be a lifeless room.

You can buy this item from here: Laurel Burch 13-inch by 24-inch Wild Cats Oblong Pillow.

Price: $19.99