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Alaskans are fiercely proud of their unique but rather isolated American state. Located in the north-west extremity of the North American continent, Alaska is filled with physical beautiful, rich cultural heritage and a vast range of natural wildlife. That’s why this large state is a perfect theme for a decorative accent pillow with the state map as the backdrop. Anyone who has lived in this state will straight away be familiar with the landmarks presented on this square Alaska themed pillow.

Woven from finely selected cotton yarns, the rather nostalgic decorative pillow is ideal for placement on a sofa, bed or shelf where memories and images of Alaska are desired. The outline of “The Last Frontier” state is complimented with a multitude of images that represent the area include the famous moose, probably more well known since Sarah Palin’s hunting exploits made the news. There’s also husky racing through the snow as well as the King Salmon which became the State fish in 1962.

In the top right are a bunch of light blue flowers which are Forget-me-nots and these are Alaska’s official state flower. Found throughout the state, they are a firm favourite with my people from that region. At the base of the pillow front is green Jade, which was adopted as the State’s gem in 1968. Skookum Jim Mason’s portrait is also incorporated into the design and was an important character in Alaska’s history from the Tagish First Nation.

If you are an Alaskan, either in Alaska proper or elsewhere in the country, then this state themed decorative accent pillow will be a heart-warming accessory for your living room or bedroom. It’s also make the perfect gift for a friend or relative with connections to the region.

You can buy this pillow cushion from here: Decorative Alaska Themed Accent Pillow.

Price: $77.99