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One of my favourite artists when I was a teenager was Salvador Dali and it is perhaps his melting clocks as seen in the painting The Persistence of Memory that most stuck in my mind. The philosophical and artistic meanings that the melting pocket watches symbolized fascinated me and I often wished I could have a clock like those to place somewhere in my own home. In fact I still do.

Luckily, there’s now a melting clock similar to Dali’s representations which you can buy. The stylishly chrome plated clock which uses precision quartz movement is designed to sit securely over any straight edge. This means it can be placed over table edges, windowsills, shelves, stairs, large appliances, beams and any other similar protrusion.

The melting clock is both a timepiece and a work of art, as it was for Salvador Dalí. His painting, The Persistence of Memory, was painted in 1931 and the melted clocks are said to represent the “unconscious symbol of the relativity of space and time”. Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity was big news around this time. However, Dali himself is said to have been inspired by melting Camembert cheese on a hot summer’s day.

Whatever the inspiration and whatever the philosophies that acted as a catalyst, this melting clock is both eye-catching, fun and definitely a talking point. You’ll be hard pressed to find a clock as unique and stylish as this one.

You can buy this fun timepiece from here: Melting Clock Art: Battery Operated Novelty Timepiece.

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