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If you are both a dog lover and a green fingered gardener then you will most likely find this cute metal dog planter completely adorable. The metal dog planter is made for indoor or outdoor use and can contain deep rooted plants and grasses that are ideal for inside the home or outside in the yard. I’m not an expert on dogs but this dog themed sculptural planter is reminiscent of a Spaniel with its long and floppy ears.

The cute metal dog planter is made from scrap metal and has been given a distressed mahogany finish. It’s a sculptural creation by the renowned Billy Moon who I have written about before on this blog. Each metal dog planter is individually hand forged and hand hammered thereby giving each canine sculpture a unique look and appeal. You’ll notice from the picture that the metal dog planter has been given a distressed look which is ideal if placed in a rustic or country style interior environment.

One can also technically use this cute dog planter as a waste bin for paper and small items such as are usually thrown away in a home office or bedroom. However, given the beauty of this dog sculpture, it seems a shame not to place some kind of floral arrangement in the dog shaped metal planter. It will make an especially nice addition to a home with kids as well who will delight in the friendly looking metal dog planter which will also bring character to the area where it is placed.

You can buy this animal themed planter from the following location: Cute Metal Dog Planter.

As one happy reviewer points out, leafy plants especially look good with this particular Spaniel planter.