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Many people with newly tidy closets are astonished that the inventor of customizable closet organizer kits has not been given a Nobel Prize for ingenuity. Home-owners seeking neatness and organization in their bedrooms have found these kits to be indispensable in regards to space-saving clothes storage. Closet organizers such as Rubbermaid 3H89 as pictured below are completely revolutionizing the way we use our wardrobes and closets.

Measuring 4 by 8 foot, the pictured deluxe custom closet kit is designed to fit into most sizes of closet space and create a double-hang section for shirts, skirts, and folded pants and a long-hang section for dresses and suits. A top shelf provides space for boxes and baskets in which to store shoes and rarely used items of clothing, plus blankets, sheets, towels and hats. Various shelves allow for the placement of shoes, bags and other regularly used accessories within easy reach.

The best part about this closet organizer kit is its customizable quality which means you can put the shelves, double-hangs and long-hang sections in whatever format most suitable for your closet and personal tastes. A track and upright system make installing and reconfiguring the design of the closet organizer extremely easy and fast. A clean and shiny nickel-and-chrome satin epoxy finish makes the kit not only highly durable but also attractive to look at and as such a complimentary addition to any bedroom décor scheme.

If you’re tired of looking for lost items inside your closet because it’s arranged in a haphazard manner, then this closet organizer kit will make a world of difference. It will prevent clothes, hats, shoes and bedding from being squashed and untidily arranged which can often mean items being thrown away because of being in poor condition. What’s more, a clear and tidy closet frequently means a clear and tidy mind especially when you need to get dressed quickly for an important date or social function.

You can buy it here: Customizable Closet Organizer Kit.

View the above link to see the many ways in which this kit can be arranged.