If you’ve been to a contemporary museum or modern and trendy bar recently you’ll probably have noticed some nice looking benches that are quite impossible not to sit on. This is definitely the case with the Bochetta Bench which curves and undulates in such a way as to be inviting to the human body for a relaxed sit-down. In fact, you could imagine such a bench in a Zen Buddhist meditation retreat garden in amongst the pebbles, fountains and fauna.

The shapely bench is made from a single piece of acacia (monkey pod) wood by skilled artisans. Monkey pod wood is extremely durable and has been valued by craftsmen for its ease with which it can be carved to make items such as furniture and bowls. Another benefit the wood brings is that it is fast-growing and easy to cultivate making it an eco-friendly alternative to many other types of wood. In the United States, Hawaii is probably the most famous state from where good quality monkeypod products originate.

The Bochetta Bench can be positioned in any number of different rooms depending on the existing décor styles. Its simplicity means that an interior with a gentle minimalist approach will be particularly suitable. In a living room, the bench can act in much the same way as a side-table next to a sofa or armchair. The cut-out center is perfect for holding books and magazines. In a bedroom environment, as well as being a bench, it can also be used as a storage shelf for towels and robes. Each room in the home can see a slightly different use for this beautiful contoured wooden bench.

You can buy it from here: The Bochetta Bench.

Because each one is hand-carved, no two benches are alike.