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My cat loves to feel regal and one of the best ways she does this is finding a high spot to sit on somewhere in the house. From this vantage point she surveys her home with majestic aplomb. That’s why, when I saw this curve wall mounted cat bed, I immediately thought of my dear Mildred. She demands the best, expects the best and can meow with the best if she doesn’t get her way.

curve-wall-mounted-cat-bedThis contemporary wall mounted cat bed is just the ticket for a sophisticated kitty that likes her space. Cats naturally like to relax where they feel safe, which is usually always above floor level. Chairs, sofas and beds are popular sleeping areas but this can mean excess hair and worse, fleas, adding an extra covering to your best sheets and upholstery. A wall mounted cat bed like this curved shelf designed by Akemi Tanaka is an ideal alternative.

It’s a simple but elegant looking design which means it will compliment any type of interior. Cats are all different in which room they like to call their own. Some dislike television noises so retire to a bedroom or hallway during the evening. Others are perfectly content to doze beside a loud radio. Where you put this curve wall mounted cat bed will therefore depend on which room your cat likes to relax in the most.

You can read about the related fixtures and other details here: Curve Pet Bed by Akemi Tanaka.

Oh dear, by the sounds of it, I think it’s time to go and feed my cat.