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Some of my favourite furniture is created using objects and materials that have previously been used in a different context. For example, using old house bricks to form the columns of a bookshelf or the creation of an armchair made entirely from what was once a Renault car. Then of course there is something like this delightful looking cupboard, as seen in the pictures below, which is composed of old industrial zinc boxes once used for storing mechanical tools and parts.

The ‘Cupboard’ features metal drawers within a wooden shelf framework. The drawers come in a variety of colors, some seemingly painted. The wood differs from one set to another, with some cupboards in dark wood and others in light wood. With so many beautiful colors and attractive wood frames, the cupboards are sure to find a home in most styles of interior décor and room sizes. At the time of writing, the cupboards are in the prototype stage, which actually allows us to more easily imagine the many potential styles the cupboards could be made in.

The minds behind the design are creative Dutch duo Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunders who together form ‘Ontwerpduo’. Based in Eindhoven, the two designers share an old factory hall studio with ten other designers who each have a partitioned studio in the huge space.

You can see more of their work as well as follow their progress on their website found here: Ontwerpduo Design.

Via: Stilsucht.