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With a lot of glass tableware in the kitchen and dining room, there can be a certain amount of blandness that creeps in. No matter how beautiful the crystal glass pieces are, they often need a little decorative accessory or two to really show them off. This is where this crystal bowl on a brass branch comes into the picture, as duly noted in the image below. It’s certainly a crystal glass tableware piece that catches the eye and is unique in style and poise. Dinner guests won’t be able to stop themselves from remarking on its character.

crystal-glass-bowl-on-brass-tree-branchesThe crystal bowl itself is made from Italian hand-cut crystal and fits perfectly snugly in the grasp of the branches. The holder is made from brass whilst the little porcelain birds and flowers are individually hand painted. The crystal bowl on brass branch is ideal as a purely decorative feature or as a perfectly functional tableware piece that can be used when entertaining family guests and friends. It fact, it can be used as both and be placed in a prominent position when not in use.

The elegance of the brass tree and branches highlights and compliments the delicate nature of the crystal bowl. The two are connected, intertwined and work wonderfully together to form a charmingly aesthetic tableware accessory.

You can buy this piece from here: Crystal Bowl on Brass Branch With Birds and Flowers.