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Nearly everyone has at one time sat in a canteen somewhere, sipping tea or coffee from one of those white plastic canteen cups found stacked one on top of another when in storage. If we’re waiting for someone or happily chatting with friends, we sometimes crumple the canteen cup by squashing, squeezing or even kicking the little tea-stained plastic cup into nearby trash. Have you ever thought how cool it would be to have a permanent crumpled-effect canteen cup made from porcelain?

Well here you are! These crumpled porcelain cups are near identical to the regular and ubiquitous work-place plastic canteen cups. Stackable, dishwasher safe, resistant to chips and with the ability to be stuck in the microwave, these crumpled drinking cups are the perfect surreal and contemporary tableware addition to a home that likes to be different.

Reminisce with old college buddies or complain about the up-coming staff meeting with guests over these crumpled-effect canteen cups made from porcelain and with a delightfully smooth enamel finish. Just remember not to toss them into the bin after you’ve finished drinking your tea or coffee for they’ll keep a long time unlike their plastic equivalents.

You can buy these cups from here: Crumpled-Effect Canteen Cups Made From Porcelain.

Price: $24.95 per item or $149.70 per set of six.