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The traditional American animal herder, the cowboy, has become an iconic symbol to many in the United States. It’s no surprise therefore that cowboy themed metal wall sculptures are a popular gift item for people to hang on their walls. Wild West Shows in the 19th and 20th centuries romanticized in many ways the life of the cowboy, especially The Singing Cowboy a.k.a Gene Autry who highlighted the “cowboy code” of honor, respect and patriotism.

Cowboy themed metal wall sculptures like the ones shown above are a great decorative idea if you like the history and cultural attachments related to the world of cowboys. The metal wall sculptures can be placed indoors or outdoors where they can be left to the elements, thus providing a rustic appearance.

The life of the cowboy was very hard and in many ways unlike the image portrayed in many romanticized wild west films. Looking after and protecting cattle from thieves and hustlers was a dangerous business too and these cowboy themed metal wall sculptures do in fact show this to some degree in the appearance and stances of the cowboy and their horse.

If you are looking for a cowboy themed metal wall sculpture like the ones shown in the collection above then you’ll find more information and pictures by visiting the following cowboy themed page which also provides more descriptions of the various cowboy themed metal wall sculptures and how they are made.

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Did you know?: The cowboy related term “all hat and no cattle” is used to describe someone who is overly boastful about his actual accomplishments and abilities. Next time someone becomes big headed, throw that line (or lasso) their way.