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Tired of soap dishes that quickly get dirty and covered with a build-up of soap scum? This counter-top magnetic soap holder is a wonderful alternative. As well as being highly functional, the contemporary holder also provides a novel look for your kitchen or bathroom sink area. Like a faucet extension in many ways, the magnetic soap holder adds originality as well as added hygiene to your interior.

The holder is extremely easy to use. A small metal disk is gently pressed into a damp bar of soap. When sealed in place, the bar of soap with metal disk in place is then ready to be used in conjunction with the rest of the apparatus. Magnetism holds the small metal disk to the over-hanging structure thus creating the illusion that the soap is defying gravity by remaining in place.

The benefit of all this is the fact that the bar of soap need never touch any bathroom or kitchen surfaces. This means soap scum and related build-ups are negated as well as placing the bar of soap in a very easy to reach position. The soap is simply placed back under the magnet where it will remain. Any dripping soap falls directly into the sink. A heavy base prevents the counter-top magnetic soap holder from tipping over. There’s no instillation required or any need for screws and nails. One week it can be used in a guest bathroom and another week in the kitchen.

As previous reviewers have noted, the holder is aesthetically pleasing and due to its material, compliments the majority of bathroom and kitchen fixtures and settings. It will however remain an eye-catching item that guests will happily comment on.

You can buy this holder here: Countertop Magnetic Soap Holder.

Price: $16.99