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Corner showers are a great space saving shower stall installation that as its name suggests, can be fitted into the corner of any bathroom. The shape of a corner shower is usually triangular in nature with various styles of entry ways into the stall itself. Some are curved whilst others are more linear. The most beneficial aspect to the corner shower is its small size and ease of instillation in most bathroom interiors that can be found in North America and Europe.

Corner showers conserve space and this makes them attractive options for small bathrooms or bathroom interiors where a bathtub and a separate shower area are required. A slight downside to the corner shower is its attractiveness. Unlike other forms of shower stall, the corner shower is more weighted to the functional than the aesthetics. However, there are many different designs of corner shower and there will be one to compliment an array of bathroom interior décor.

Another benefit of corner showers is cost. Compared to the installation of bathtubs with inbuilt showers, the corner shower is easier and less expensive to install. This factor is a large consideration for people designing a second or third bathroom in the home where the costs, energy and space to add a larger shower cubicle or bath are perhaps not available. Corner showers are great for small en suite bathrooms that would look and feel cramped with any other form of shower stall or bathtub.

Corner showers are generally made from fiberglass which is tough and waterproof. Ready made holes are incorporated into the design where plumbing fixtures can be attached. Most corner showers have an entry door which opens out into the room and often a series of magnets or latches secure the corner shower door when closed so as to avoid water loss. As noted before, corner showers are usually made of the same material and in the same basic shape but come in a myriad of different decorative variations including the type of fiberglass used and the style of the door.

For the majority of homes in North America, the installation of a corner shower is not difficult. If the drains and plumbing fixtures are already in place and lined up already where the shower cubicle is to be placed, then the job will be completed extremely quickly by a professional. The walls and ceiling where the corner shower is located will need to be grouted as will the floor but this is also easy to do and will be done by the professional who installs the corner shower. Even if the drainage and plumbing is not aligned, the installation of a corner shower is still possible but will just take longer to complete.

Corner showers can be found at most home stores across the country but they can also be ordered online. It’s important to figure out beforehand what size of shower stall you want including the width and height. Consideration concerning the style of corner shower you want must also be taken in conjunction with the existing interior design of the bathroom where the shower stall will be located.

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